I love chips. Better yet, I love chips and dip. And guacamole has to be my favorite dip.

I am very partial to the fresh, homemade variety. The guacamole "sauce" they sell in the vegetable section of the grocery store doesn't quite do it for me. So I always get excited when I'm at the store and see they have ripe, ready to eat avocados. My patience just isn't the best when I have to wait days on end for the avocados to ripen.

Guacamole is so simple to make and can be made to suite your particular needs. You can make something very simple with only avocados, cilantro and a little onion. Or you can add more fresh ingredients like I have done above...with roma tomatoes, jalapenos and lime juice.

I just love the creamy texture of the mashed avocados and the spicy kick from the jalapeno peppers. Yuummmyyy. This is definitely a great dip to take to a party or just a Sunday afternoon snack. Mr. Foodie loves to munch on it as he watches sports or while he is waiting for dinner to be ready.

The only dilemma with making guacamole is wanting to eat it all in one day before the color turns on you. The avocado has a tendency to turn brown when it has been exposed to air. I have tried all the tricks I've read about (leaving the avocado pit in the center of the guacamole, putting saran wrap directly on top of the guacamole to prevent the air from touching it, squeezing fresh lime juice on top) and none of them work.

It is not the prettiest looking dip the next day but trust me, it is totally edible. I just give it a good mix and viola'...you have green guacamole again.

Guacamole (serves 2)
Printable Recipe

2 ripe avocados (halved, stoned, peeled and diced)
1/2 red onion, chopped
1 roma tomato, chopped
1 jalapeno pepper, chopped (seeds discarded if you want to cut down on the heat)
1 handful of chopped cilantro
1 lime
salt to taste

1. Mash the avocados in a bowl, using the back of the fork or a potato masher
2. Add the onion, tomato, jalapeno pepper and cilantro. Mix together well.
3. Squeeze the juice from the lime. Season with salt to taste
4. Serve with tortilla chips and Enjoy!!


  1. It is a shame that guacamole turns ugly after a night in the fridge, however I've found eating it all in one sitting to be quite an acceptable solution :)

    Definitely agree with mashing the avocados roughly with the back of a fork. Perfectly smooth guacamole is too precious, those buttery little chunks of avocado are the best part!

  2. Chunky guacamole is the best Tim. And I completely agree it is okay to eat it all at one time. We do it quite often in our household :)