Caramel Corn

Wowsers!!! I think that is the best way to describe 2010 so far.  I guess if I really think about it, I could come up with a more sophisticated word. A real word that doesn't indicate the need for spell check as I type it.  But since I'm really just unable to contain my excitement, I think I picked the most appropriate word.  Even though tasting this surprisingly simple, homemade Carmel corn could elicit such excitement, it is not the cause of my current high.

2010 started with the best surprise a girl (well at least this girl) could ask for.  Mr. Foodie and I were on vacation, at a New Year's Eve party, when three seconds before midnight, he popped the question!!! YAY!!!

I'm officially going to be Mrs. Foodie.  I have been grinning from ear to ear for the past five days. Not to mention glancing at my left hand every chance I get.

I'm trying not to be too obvious.
I wonder if it's working.
Oh who cares!
I'm just going to enjoy being engaged...and having a fiance'

So moving on, one more Carmel corn teaser pic. I say teaser because I have something else to share before we get to the recipe.

Remember the Pioneer Woman? I wrote about going to her book signing a few weeks ago and shared a recipe from her new cookbook.  Well guess what lovely couple made a surprising appearance on her blog.

Yep, that ca-ute picture from her website would be that of the future Mr. and Mrs. Foodie!! How crazy is that. I made the Pioneer Woman's website.  I kinda feel like a rock star. Well at least in the food blog world.

If you recall, the Pioneer Woman's sister, Betsy, was there and snapped this photo of us as we were leaving.  I remember thinking how I wish she, or someone, had taken one with our camera, since Mr. Foodie was so supportive to wait with me all that time and double as my personal photographer. But it was late and I didn't want to push my luck.

Lucky for me, she decided to pick us as one of the couples she featured in her "Memories of Atlanta" post. Now I've saved the picture to my computer to print. This literally made my day when I found this. I tell you 2010 is off to a great start. 

Okay, now finally, the Carmel corn.  I absolutely love Carmel popcorn.  As a kid, my mom and I would devour Laura Scudder's tub of Carmel corn.  Does anyone remember that? Anyone? I wish they still made it because it was the best.  Better than Cracker Jack's, although I could never turn down a box of Cracker Jack's.

When I saw this recipe here I knew I was going to make this immediately.  I actually made it before Christmas and took some to my mommy's house.  Can I tell you that my family members devoured this! Literally munched on it and raved about it until it was all gone.  What's even better is how simple this is to make

Since I followed the recipe exactly (except I left out the peanuts) I am just going to include a link to it if you decide to make it, which I strongly encouarge.  Trust me when I say it is easy as pie and simply delicious.  Maybe not the best recipe to go with all those likely New Year's resolutions but you gotta treat yourself every now and then.