End of Summer

Where oh where did the summer go?? We experienced low 70 degree weather with clouds and rain the day after Labor day.  It was like the switch was flipped to coincide with the last official weekend of the summer which announced that Fall was upon us, ready or not!

I've been a little M.I.A around here the past month or so but I have enjoyed the long days of summer. I've done a lot of reading.

I read this, this, this, this and this.

I told you I've been doing a lot of reading.  But to be fair this was over the entire summer, not just August.

I've also been playing tennis.  I was on two teams this summer and both of them went to the playoffs.  Even better than that, my woman's team won the city championship game.  We are CHAMPS!!!  We get to go to state playoffs next but for whatever reason that is not scheduled until May 2012.  Oh well.  That just gives us that much more time to practice and advance even further.

That's me on the left in the blue holding our metal bag tag. Those bag tags are coveted :)
Mr. Foodie and I went to Chicago for a quick visit (for me 36 hours to be exact) for my MIL's bday.  I really do enjoy Chicago in the summertime when the weather is nice, everyone is outdoors and the people are super friendly.  It is such a great city with delicious restaurants.  I feel obligated to show you a few pics of some tasty dishes we had.

Fried Bacon at Wiener and Still Champion
No pic of the chicken because it was devoured but a must have neighborhood staple for delicious fried chicken
Where we took my MIL for her birthday brunch. The best brunch I've ever had
Shrimp, Avocado & Feta cheese eggs benedict with an AMAZING sauce
Red Velvet Pancake...TO.DIE.FOR
great family times with the niece and MIL
And even though I should maybe be ashamed for sharing this as a 34 y/o woman, I indulged in 4 slurpees from 7Eleven during my 36 hour visit.  I know, crazy. But I love them!  A die hard fan since elementary school and we don't have 7Eleven's in Atlanta so I get them whenever I can.

Of course, some things have stayed the same.  Still browsed the blogs for inspiration and created meals for the husband.  Amongst all that I have discovered my new favorite cocktail to make at home (post coming tomorrow).  Bought some fresh corn and made this (thanks jiggy) and this.  Both fantastic. Fresh corn has been so sweet this summer that I just bought a few more ears to shuck and freeze for some winter soups and chowder.

Confetti Corn

Funny story to go along with my incessant blog browsing.  I saw these cute salt and pepper dishes on Heather's blog.

They looked kind of familiar. I did a quick search on Etsy and found them here.  Ordered them and they were in my kitchen a week later.

Mr. Foodie: So where did you get these?
Me: I ordered them
Mr. Foodie: Why?
Me: Because they're cute.  See! It says salt and pepper
Mr. Foodie: I can look at it and see that one is salt and one is pepper. I don't need to read it.  You could have put these in one of those little white dishes you have so many of (he's referring to my mini ramekins).  You probably just saw these on some blog and felt like you needed to have them.

It's so great that my husband knows me so well and that I can just laugh at his sarcasm.

It's also a good thing that I am in charge of home decor!