Summer Sandwich

A yummy Summer Sandwich

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Hope you enjoy.


I'm still Alive...

and still cooking!!!  

I know it has been a while. Almost a year to be exact. But I'm coming back in a brand new style. A fab new collaboration with my dear friends, J.P Archie and Toni.  

Head on over to Our new blog, Blah Blah Birds and see what we have in store.  Style, fashion, travel and of course more yummy food.  Here's a little preview of what you can expect:

guacamole & pico de gallo; stovetop popcorn w/ za'tar; 
chocolate chip cookie dough, sauteed asparagus w/ poached egg 

black bean & tomatillo tostado; green monster smoothie
spinach and feta risotto; fruit & cheese plate

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