why Passion Foodie

"What are we gonna eat?" This is such a common question in my household and most times, it falls on me to answer it. Which sometimes seems so unfair since I am extremely indecisive. But since I began dating Mr. Foodie I've started having so much fun trying to figure out that answer.

I certainly didn't grow up being an active contributor to my mom's kitchen. She was a workaholic so we did our fair share of eating out, especially when I was a teenager. My mom has always collected recipes from cookbooks and magazines, which often sat on her desk and bookcase waiting to be used. When she did cook, she didn't stray from the usual which included fried/baked chicken, broccoli, corn or potatoes. And we must not forget fried catfish on Friday's. sidebar note: My mom does make THE BEST fried chicken. My mom left the savory more complicated dishes to my aunts. But when I came home from college, my mom turned into an amateur chef and she wasn't bad. Those recipes were finally being put to use and she became an avid fan of the food channel, especially Emeril. I was thoroughly impressed but dumbfounded that she waited until I left home for school to begin experimenting in the kitchen.

As my mom jumped into her new hobby feet first, I became an active observer and critic of the dishes she made. I too began watching the food network, watching the chefs techniques and of course suggesting recipes for my mom.

And then it ended. I moved 3,000 miles away on my own. I was back to eating out or making quick meals with hamburger helper or my easy, old faithful cheese quesidilla (a simple flour tortilla filled with cheese). I so missed the home cooked meals from my mother's kitchen. I also missed the conversations we'd have while she was cooking. It was great bonding time. But it just is not as fun to cook for myself. I admit that some of the joy of cooking for me comes from someone else eating the food and enjoying it.

Fast forward to several years ago. Mr. Foodie and I had been dating for awhile and I of course bragged that I could cook. Well the time came where I had to prove it . That meant a call to my mother. It was Easter so she suggested I bake chicken, make macaroni and cheese (something I had made several times for family holiday dinners) and broccoli. It was simple but I was short on time and needed to make something I could serve with confidence. I was trying to make an impression here. Needless to say, he enjoyed the meal and was hooked. More so on me than the food but the food didn't hurt.

I started cooking more often. I had someone to cook for and I was enjoying it even more. I quickly realized that I didn't want to get stuck in a rut cooking the same things either. My mom always said all one needed to do was follow a recipe so I turned into my mother and began collecting recipes. But instead I vowed that I was going to use them. Mr. Foodie was more and more impressed with each dish. I figured he was either trying to inflate my ego so I would keep cooking and he could keep eating, or that I was actually a pretty decent cook. Either way, I discovered a passion and I must say a hidden talent. I even recently started a little catering business, Nita Scot catering and have gotten rave reviews so far.

With all that being said, I have decided to join the world of food blogging. And I want to invite you to join me as I share some of the dishes from my kitchen that also helped me "hook" Mr. Foodie. I hope you even try some of the dishes yourself. If I can do it, I'm pretty sure you can to.


  1. okay i gotta step out on and try some of these things. timothy is jus so old fashion and southern but your little but can cook so i gotta. make me some suggestions

  2. WHAT????????? Who knew dude.