If I was thinking properly, I would have played the lottery last Thursday since I had such winning luck.  But honestly, I was perfectly content with scoring two reservations for last weekends Staplehouse dinner.  If you recall, I wrote a post here about my first visit to Staplehouse and how achieving a reservation is literally about who can respond to their invitations the fastest.

Well last Thursday I responded pretty quickly.  So fast in fact, Jen (the chef's wife), was shocked when I replied asking for a reservation since she hadn't even sent out the invitation yet.  I can't reveal my secrets of how I knew so quickly 1.) so then maybe it will work for me again 2.) because there really was no method. Just the right place, right time and extreme luck!

When I added Staplehouse dinner to our weekend agenda, the husband was impressed and looking forward to it, but after first eagerly reminding me that I am obsessed.  He didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. Once you get a look at the photos below (cellphone quality but still mouthwatering) you will get an idea of why.
First Course

The fruit salad was delightful.  Cantaloupe, prosciutto, figs, blueberries, Parmesan cheese and purple basil. I've never seen purple basil and I would have never thought of this combo.  But a forkful of the basil, blueberry and prosciutto was so flavorful, I helped myself to the remnants of the husbands plate since he doesn't eat pork.
Second Course
Next up was the Staplehouse version of a grilled cheese...with peaches!! Whole grain mustard and Peaches! The lightly buttered bread, creamy soft cheese and fresh peaches was an excellent balance of the different flavors.

Third Course
After 1/2 a sandwich, I could feel my little tummy expanding but my taste buds were alive with anticipation.  Carbonara with housemade pasta and big, meaty chantrelle mushrooms.  I love homemade pasta although I have never attempted it in my kitchen.  It needs to be my next mission because I can definitely taste the difference. Although there were many bites of flavors I enjoyed throughout the meal, this was my favorite course.  You can't blame a girl for loving good pasta.
Fourth Course
Technically, the fourth course was the "main" course. Duck meatballs served on a bed of lentils with housemade tomato marmalade. They served this dish during a previous dinner so I had seen a picture of this dish on the website and thought it looked appetizing.  Looks didn't disappoint.  The marmalade was spectacular.  Spicy and sweet and beautifully paired with the meatballs.  An extremely close runner up to my favorite course of the evening.
Fifth Course
And last but certainly not least, Mr. Foodie's favorite course, the dessert.  Shortbread cookies with chocolate ganache drizzled with salted caramel sauce, pecans and sea salt. The chocolate was a little much for me but the cookie and the caramel were divine.  We were served such a huge portions that we were able to take the leftovers home.  The husband devoured some that night and the remaining cookies Monday morning.  He has declared this the best dessert he has ever had.  And has assigned me the task of learning how to make it.
But I think I will leave that up to Staplehouse.  Ryan and Jen are doing such a fantastic job as is.

Follow them here to try and get in on one of these dinners. They also have some better pics of the food
Oh and stay tuned for the opening of their restaurant!


  1. OMG! I am loving me some Staplehouse! From the photos, I can taste all the different flavors. The dessert looked divine and I think you should find out how to make that Mrs. Foodie. Make the hubby proud! lol!

  2. the first and last course look divine! i hope you had a great time!


  3. An amazing looking meal; lucky with luck!