Miller Union

Two years.  This restaurant has been open for two years.  And the first time I went was last Thursday night.  I am very disappointed in myself for continually putting this place on the back burner because it has been on my list since the first time I read about it.  TWO years ago. 

So judging from my self-imposed angst, can you tell that the food was not just good, but excellent? I really should not have waited so long.  But it is worth all the hype and rave reviews.  I went with my dinner club but now I can't wait to go back with the Husband.

Miller Union is again located in the Westside neighborhood of Atlanta but on an street that still feels industrial and with minimal life.  You kind of feel like you're in the meat packing district of NY. Although my reference to that is only based on episodes of Sex in the City.  The restaurant evokes warm feelings drawing on clean lines and wood details.  The food is known for the chef's use of fresh and locally grown veggies which are evident in every bite you take. 

While waiting for my girlfriends to arrive, I ordered a cocktail and struck up a conversation with co-owner, Neal.  Being very fond of Neal's English accent, I asked him a ton of questions (I can sometimes be known for that but I get it from my Mommy so little hope of that trait changing) and not surprisingly asked him which dish he recommended.  He said the chicken and the duck.  Generally not a fan of ordering chicken while at restaurants, I told him I'd think about it.  

So then I inquired about this appetizer dish that is listed on the 100 things to eat in Atlanta before you die (trying to kill two birds with one stone) and I had read so much about on local blogs; Baked Egg in Celery Cream.  A little doubtful, but of course Neal said it was a must and since it was an appetizer I was open to it.  Now trying to convince my girlfriends to share the appetizer was another thing.  A few of them had their doubts about the restaurant but I begged them to trust me so I didn't want to push them too far.
I convinced them and when the waiter put the dish on the table, he suggested it is best served if you break the yoke up and mix it together.  Then spoon the cream onto the toast.
I really wish I had taken some "after" photos because the bowl was clean. CLEAN I tell you. We asked for more toast and a couple of my girlfriend literally sopped up the rest of the egg cream with the bread. That is how good this dish was.

After being delightfully surprised with this dish, I followed Neal's recommendation and ordered the chicken.  Three of us ordered the chicken.  And we all LOVED it. Although I didn't get some more pics of the food, this was the general consensus of the rest of the meal (got to get better with taking pics using the camera phone if I am going to document the journey more appropriately. Or charge the battery in my camera).  The skin on the chicken was pan seared giving it a nice crunchy exterior but the breast and the thigh were so moist and succulent.  A winner indeed.  A couple of my friends ordered the veggie plate and fell in complete adoration, proclaiming it to be one of the best veggie plates they had had (and one is a vegetarian so that's big).

The food at Miller Union is Excellent.  The staff (waiters and Neal included) were friendly, knowledgeable and attentive.  The alcoholic drinks were delicious (Neal made a few concoctions for us that weren't on the menu and I've read that their flavored soda combos are also great).

Bottom line, Mr. & Mrs. Foodie will be back really soon.

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