100 things in Atlanta + West Egg Cafe

A few weeks ago, I read about this list published in the local paper, Creative Loafing, about the 100 dishes to eat in Atlanta before you die.  Obviously intrigued, I immediately perused the list and was shocked to realize I had only eaten about 5 of the items.  I am a self proclaimed foodie for goodness sakes.  And as much as I like cooking at home, I equally love going out to eat.

So I have made my most recent mission to tackle that list. A journey that I will document and share with you. I have persuaded two of my friends from college to join me (OGDC).  They like food also so it wasn't that hard to get them on board. Plus it's a way for us to get together on a consistent basis despite our busy schedules.  We initially thought we would be able to get through the list during the summer but seeing as to how it took us a few weeks to get to our first stop, I think this will be a slower, ongoing challenge.

Our first stop was West Egg Cafe in Westside Atlanta for brunch.  The restaurant has been around for a few years but recently expanded and remodeled to stay in line with the growing neighborhood.  The item on the list was their Fried Egg Sandwich which sounded Yummy! But once we read the menu, there were so many other dishes that caught our eye.

So new rule (in your best Bill Maher voice) to our challenge.  We decided that we don't necessarily have to eat the item on the list but just go to the restaurant. If the item does fancy us, then we will get it. If not, no biggie.  We're doing this for us anyway so we can make up our own rules.

There was a definite battle in deciding between a savory or a sweet brunch.  Savory won for me and I ordered the black bean cakes with eggs, grits and a side of turkey sausage (I'll do better with the pictures next time but I was super hungry). Very tasty and the grits were the perfection of creamy. Carlita ordered the huevos tejanos, a nice take on huevos rancheros. But Yokes went for the sweet and we were happy she did.  Very Happy. Banana Bread French Toast!!!

courtesy of photoyoke iphone because I was too busy digging in
Oh.My.Goodness!!! I'm going to try but it was really beyond words. Original, decadent, delicious, melt in your mouth, not too sweet and a generous serving.  Perfect to share with your friends and still have some leftover to take home.

Even though their fried egg sandwich might be good, this should have been on the list. Everyone should experience this before they die.

As Yokes proclaimed, I will most likely try to recreate this at home since I do make a mean banana bread which I will share here in the future.  But for now, if Sunday's brunch was any indication of what's to come, I have high hopes and happy feelings about our challenge.  Stay tuned!


  1. Looks like some good eating going down in the A!!!

  2. I am making that BBFT! Looks um um um...good!